Beckham Law Requirements

Beckham Law Requirements for Eligibility


Navigating the benefits of the Spain's Beckham Law starts with understanding who qualifies for this exclusive tax regime. In this section, we'll break down the essential eligibility criteria, ensuring you grasp the key requirements to unlock the advantages offered by the Beckham Law. If you're considering a professional move to Spain or are already engaged in activities within the country, let's explore the qualifications that pave the way to favorable tax treatment.

1. Non-Spanish Tax Residency:

To be eligible for the Beckham Law, individuals must not have been Spanish tax residents in the five years preceding their tax residency in Spain. This criterion ensures that the law is targeted at individuals who are newly establishing tax residency in Spain.

2. New Tax Residency in Spain:

Applicants must become tax residents in Spain due to work or professional activities. This involves establishing a tax residence in Spain as a result of employment, professional engagements, or other qualifying factors.

3. Qualifying Professions:

The Beckham Law is commonly associated with professionals in sports and entertainment, but it can also apply to executives and skilled professionals in various fields. Understanding whether your profession qualifies is crucial to determine eligibility.

4. Employment Contract or Professional Engagement:

Individuals must have an employment contract or engage in professional activities in Spain. This requirement ensures that the applicant has a legitimate basis for tax residency in Spain and is actively contributing to the Spanish economy.

5. Application Within Six Months:

To avail of the Beckham Law benefits, individuals must apply within six months of starting work or professional activities in Spain. This timeframe is critical, and missing the deadline could result in the loss of potential tax advantages.

6. No Beckham Election in Previous 5 Years:

Applicants should not have opted for the Beckham Law in the 5 years preceding their current application. This requirement prevents individuals from repeatedly benefiting from the law within a short timeframe.

7. Agreement with Employer or Client:

There should be a formal agreement between the individual and the employer or client regarding the application of the Beckham Law. This agreement outlines the understanding between the parties and ensures compliance with the law.

8. Informed Consent:

Individuals must provide informed consent for the application of the Beckham Law. This includes a clear understanding of the implications, benefits, and responsibilities associated with choosing this tax regime.

Understanding and fulfilling these eligibility requirements are crucial steps toward unlocking the benefits of the Beckham Law in Spain.

If you are eligible for applying to the beckham law, check the How to Apply to the Beckham Law page to continue with your application.