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Nomad Visa Spain


This guide will help you obtaining your digital nomad visa. How to apply, main benefits and requirements for the nomad visa in Spain. Start woking remotly from Spain in a company or as a freelance.

Important: The applicant must apply for a NIE number prior to visa application. Please click HERE to get the information about how obtain a NIE number.

What is the Digital Nomad Visa?

The Digital Nomad Visa is a specialized residency arrangement designed for remote workers who can perform their job online. It allows you to legally reside in Spain while working for foreign companies or clients.

Benefits of the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain

  • Tax reduction: benefit from a tax regime that will allow you to pay a flat 24% over your income (up to €600.000).
  • 3 years resident permit and be considered a non tax resident for 5 years and avoid paying wealth tax.
  • You could apply directly from Spain as a tourist ot from you home country.
  • Relatives: residence for your relatives within the same application.
  • EU - Schengen Area: free movmenet/travel in the Schengen Area
  • Citizenship: all years under the Digital Nomad will be consideres for the permanent residence.

Spain Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

  • National visa application form each applicant, or representative, must fill and sign a visa application form.
  • Photography. A recent, passport-size, colour photograph.
  • Valid passport. Original and a photocopy of the page or pages with the biometric data. The passport must be valid for at least 1 year and must have at least two blank pages.
  • Criminal record certificate. Applicants of legal age who apply for a visa must submit the original and a copy of the criminal record certificate(s) issued by his/her country or countries of residence for the past 2 years.
  • Proof of residence in the consular district. The applicant must provide proof of his/her legal residence in the consular district.
  • Payment of the visa fee. Visa fee payment is compulsory and has to be made at the same time when submitting a visa application. Please check the list of Consular fees here
  • Health insurance. Original and a copy of the certificate accrediting the public or private health insurance contracted with an insurance entity authorized to operate in Spain. The insurance policy must cover all the risks insured by Spain's public health system. S1 form and proof of having registered it with the Spanish National Social Security is accepted as public health insurance here

Spain Digital Nomad Visa Application Documents

  • Certification of working for at least 3 months (before the visa application) for a foreign Company.

  • Certificate issued by the Government Companies House, declaring the date of creation of the company (or companies) and its nature of business.

  • Documentary proof of financial means. Financial means must be at least 200% of the monthly Spanish national minimum wage (approximately €2497 per month or €29994 per year).

    -In the case of family members:

    -For the first family member they must prove additional financial means of at least 75% of the Spanish minimum wage (approximately €8933 per month or €11204 per year)

    -For each additional applicant, 25% of the Spanish national minimum wage is required (approximately €315 per month or €3734 per year).

  • Copy of the University degree or professional certificate.

  • Social Security registration proof. This could vary depending if you are already registered in Spain or aborad.

Find here the official checklist from the Spanish Government

Spain Digital Nomad Visa application

From aborad:

Each individual will be able to apply to the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain directly from the Spanish consulate on each country.

Find your Spanish Consulate in your country hereyou would get a 1-year visa (that can be modified to residency later on)

From Spain:

Immigration Offices in regional Government Agencies you can arrive as a tourist, and obtain a 3-year permit (renewable for 2)

Spain Digital Nomad Visa Application Step-by-Step

  • Collect all necessary documentation detailed above. Keep in mind that some documents will need to be translated into Spanish by an official translator.

  • Book an appointment at your home country embassy/Spain and pay the visa fee.

  • Go to the appointment and bring with you all documentation.

  • Collect the Visa that normally takes between 15 to 45 days.