Internet Providers Spain

Choosing the Right Mobile and Internet Provider in Spain.


Welcome to our guide on navigating the mobile and internet landscape in Spain. As an expat, finding the right provider is crucial for staying connected and enjoying seamless communication. Here you will find the main Internet providers in Spain, and the averge price per product.

1. Overview of Spanish Mobile and Internet Providers:

Spain offers a diverse range of mobile and internet providers catering to different needs. Here's a glimpse into the pricing structures of some major players:

  • Movistar: Movistar provides competitive mobile plans starting from €10 per month, offering moderate data and call allowances. Their home internet plans begin at around €20 per month, with varying speeds to suit different needs.

  • Vodafone: Vodafone is known for its flexible pricing. Mobile plans range from €15 to €30 per month, offering varying data limits and international calling options. Vodafone's broadband plans start at approximately €25 per month for basic speeds.

  • Orange: Orange stands out for its customizable plans. Mobile plans start at €10 per month, and their broadband packages begin around €30 per month, offering faster speeds for those with higher internet demands.

  • Symio: Symio, a virtual operator, provides cost-effective mobile plans starting at around €5 per month. With straightforward pricing, Symio is known for simplicity and flexibility in its offerings.

  • Pepephone: Pepephone is recognized for its transparent pricing and customer-friendly approach. Mobile plans at Pepephone start at approximately €7 per month, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious expats.

  • Lowi: Lowi, a brand by Vodafone, focuses on simplicity and flexibility. Mobile plans start at €6 per month, with the option to customize data allowances. Lowi's home internet plans are competitive, starting at around €29 per month.

2. Types of Mobile and Internet Plans:

  • Prepaid vs. Postpaid: Explore prepaid options starting from €10 per month and postpaid plans ranging from €15 to €30 per month.

  • Data Plans: Movistar's data plans cater to various usage needs, with options ranging from €10 to €25 per month.

  • Bundled Services: Vodafone excels in offering bundled packages, starting from €20 per month, providing both mobile and internet services for cost-effective solutions.

3. Understanding Contracts and Terms:

When considering providers, it's essential to understand their terms. Movistar typically offers contracts with varying lengths, providing expats with flexibility. Vodafone emphasizes transparent terms, making it clear for expats to navigate and understand their agreements.

4. Coverage and Network Quality:

Movistar's extensive infrastructure ensures broad coverage across Spain, making it a reliable choice for both urban and rural areas. Vodafone, known for its fast and reliable network, is ideal for expats seeking high-speed internet and seamless mobile connectivity.

5. Expats Friendly Services:

  • English-Speaking Customer Support: Movistar, Vodafone, Symio, and Pepephone provide English-speaking customer support to assist expats with any inquiries.

  • International Roaming: Vodafone and Lowi's international roaming options are advantageous for expats who frequently travel outside Spain.

  • Contract Flexibility: Orange, Symio, Pepephone, and Lowi stand out for contract flexibility, accommodating expats with varying lengths of stay.