Salary Calculations for 2024

Taxable income€60,000.00
Total Income Tax-€14,751.15
Social Security Tax-€3,665.00
Total Tax-€18,416.15
Year Net Income€41,583.85
Month Net Income€3,465.32

About the Beckham law

What is the Beckham Law?

The Beckham Law is also beneficial for foreigners who own property in Spain. Non-residents are only subject to wealth tax on property they own in Spain. The wealth tax rate varies depending on the Autonomous Community where the property is located, but it is generally between 0.7% and 3.5%.

Requirements for the Beckham Law

  • Not having been residents in Spain during the five previous tax periods.
  • That your transfer to Spanish territory occurs for the following reasons:
    • As a consequence of an employment contract.
    • As a consequence of the acquisition of the status of administrator of an entity.
    • As a consequence of carrying out an entrepreneurial economic activity in Spain.
    • As a consequence of carrying out an economic activity in Spain by a highly qualified professional who provides services to emerging companies.


  • How to apply for the Beckham Law?

    The application must be submitted within 6 months starting from the date of the inscription in the Social Security as an employee for a Spanish company.

    You must inform the Spanish tax agency by filling out and sending the model 149, which you can find here. The following documents will also need to be included:

    • Your passport and NIE number
    • Social security number
    • Job contract
  • Does the Becham Law apply if a business in the USA sends me to work in Spain for two years?

    This will depends if your employee contract change to a Spanish subsidiary.

  • I lived in Spain for a few years, then I left for 2 years and now I am going back. I am an EU citizen, not from Spain. Can I apply for the Beckham law?

    If you have not beeing resident in Spain during the five previous tax period you can apply for the Beckham Law.

  • I lived for a year in Spain for an internship and I am now coming back to work in Spain in about a month. Even if it's been less than 10 years is there an exception on this criteria for me to benefit from the Beckham law?

    The last update form the law from 1/1/2023 modified the criteria of not having been resident in Spain from 10 to 5 previous tax period.

  • As a US expat, does the Beckam law apply to a retiree?

    Yes, If the requirements are met. Please get in touch for specific situations.

  • I left Spain for a year (after 2 years on Beckham Law), and will be coming back in 2 months - Am I still eligible for the Beckham Law?

    Depending of your residence from your previous year. For specific scenarios we recommend to contact our tax advisors below.

  • I've been living in Spain for 6 months but I haven't applied for the law. Can I still apply for it?

    The beckham law will need to be applied with the first 6 months from the moment you become Spanish resident.

Disclaimer: this calculator is for illustrative purpose only. Contact with us or a tax service professional before taking any decision.